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There’s a McKinsey for everyone

Explore McKinsey

There’s a McKinsey for everyone

Make your own McKinsey

Exciting work that makes a difference. Colleagues and mentors at the top of their fields. Endless opportunities to take what you know, develop your skills, and grow with a group that takes on the world’s toughest challenges.

That’s life at McKinsey. It could be for you.

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Joining McKinsey

We’re honored to continue serving our clients throughout this global public health situation, proud to honor all outstanding offers, and excited to continue recruiting new colleagues. In this video, Kevin Sneader, global managing partner, and Lareina Yee, senior partner & global head of our diversity and inclusion efforts, share a few thoughts on how we’re helping candidates and new hires succeed.

Our Roles

Choose your path

Every day, we work with clients and colleagues to build capabilities, leadership skills, and better outcomes—at every level, for every opportunity.

Whether your interests lie in advising clients across industries, expanding our clients’ digital and analytical capabilities, or supporting the firm’s operations, every individual at McKinsey plays an important role in our collective success.

Serving Clients

The key to our client service is a combination of our people, rigorous problem solving, industry and functional expertise, and the tools to support execution and make change happen.


Our consultants work in many roles to solve our client’s toughest issues, whether as a trusted advisor or a hands-on coach. They integrate world-class problem solving, industry and functional expertise, and proprietary tools and capabilities to create change and lasting impact.


Our global network of 2,000+ knowledge professionals covering the full spectrum of industries, business functions and geographies is distinctive. Our research colleagues work alongside our consultants and clients to generate new insights and proprietary knowledge through information gathering, data analysis, and topical expertise.


We bring the latest analytical techniques plus a deep understanding of industry dynamics and corporate functions to help clients create the most value from data. Our team of more than 800 analytics experts includes analysts, data scientists, data architects, and advanced-analytics consultants.


Implementation consultants work with our industry and functional experts, partnering with clients to help them deliver measurable and sustainable improvements in metrics such as productivity, cost, quality, and time to market. We help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices and build capabilities.


In Transformation Services, we help clients drive rapid and dramatic performance improvement and support companies facing liquidity issues or insolvency. Our work ranges from acute crisis management to long-term recovery and performance improvement.


To help clients accelerate the impact of digital transformation, we work with them to prototype ideas, test them with real customers, and quickly adapt and implement the solution. Combining data science, human-centered design, and rapid-development techniques, we help clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.


We combine world-class design talent with a multi-disciplinary approach to help clients move ahead at scale and speed. Our work includes product, service, and experience design across physical, digital, and spatial platforms. We use design to differentiate and drive growth for our clients by identifying and creating value for their customers.

Internal Roles

Our internal services professionals work in roles such as HR, IT, legal, and finance to support our client teams and run a world-class organization.


Communications professionals help define McKinsey by spreading the word about our work, initiatives, opportunities, and successes both internally and externally.


Financial experts keep plans and projects on track and on budget. Our accountants and analysts help with purchasing, travel and meeting planning, real estate, and bookkeeping.

Information Technology

Our IT professionals help us plan and participate in an increasingly complex, digital world. This team, from systems engineers to security specialists, database architects to our global help desk provides invaluable support.

Legal and Risk

Our attorneys, paralegals and risk specialists make sure that we operate with integrity and observe local and international laws.

Personnel and Human Resources

Recruiters, human resources professionals, and specialists in development, staffing, learning, and benefits make up our personnel teams.


Our administrative teams, including executive assistants, support the firm’s daily activities at the most essential levels.

Life at McKinsey

Our culture, your life

You work hard—and we want you to pursue what you love outside the office. Raise a family, travel for fun, write that novel or screenplay, or help your community: a career at McKinsey makes it possible and practical to pursue your working life and your life’s work.

Work-life flexibility  

We encourage a culture of flexibility and offer specific programs that support career success. Take Time gives consultants the option to take an extra 5 to 10 weeks off between projects. Pace enables consultants to stay in their current role longer, thus reducing the pressure to fulfill requirements for their next role. And our commitment to parents includes extensive leave benefits for mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents; coaching and support provided by a dedicated mothers’ network manager; and a “phase back” option that helps consultants transition back to work after maternity leave.


What does entrepreneurship look like inside McKinsey? It’s finding new ways to solve business problems for our projects, our teams, and our clients. A great idea could change the way we work–or spark a brand-new initiative. We have practice entrepreneurs, geographic entrepreneurs, and new-business leaders. Their great ideas influence McKinsey and our clients, and they spark new initiatives for our alumni.

Connections for life

The people you meet at McKinsey will be your coworkers, colleagues, mentors, peers–and because of the collaborative, supportive nature of the culture, people here make friends for life. From your first team to our 30,000-member alumni network, the connections you make and the experiences you share will last the rest of your career, wherever it takes you.

Awards and Recognition


We’re honored to be's #1 consulting firm globally

Career development

Your growth at McKinsey

You bring an incredible set of skills, abilities, and interests to McKinsey. We provide the mentors, the teammates, and a yearly training investment of more than $200 million to help you develop your future.


Learning is continual at McKinsey–from Embark, our intensive training program for basic consultant readiness, to specialized learning in technology, industry, or functional areas. Most people participate in our core set of programs, and we are constantly developing new initiatives. Training includes in-person and virtual learning with colleagues from around the world who can teach you about a specific topic or expand your skills.

Coaching and Mentorship

We don’t ask you to make your own McKinsey alone. You will have peers and partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career–offering everything–from objective guidance and professional development, to informal mentorships and formal feedback reviews.

Because ours is a culture of coaching, you are likely to find mentors wherever and whenever you need them. And you are encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you.

Collaborative Teams

At McKinsey, a team isn’t just a group of people with the same to-do list. It’s core to our culture. Everyone is a full-fledged member of the team and every voice is heard.

In addition to working together on client deliverables, each member of the team also learns trust, responsibility, communication, and leadership. Your core team is supported by over 2,000+ knowledge professionals and experts, who make smart teams even smarter–and the work we do truly distinctive.